How do I get the best from my batteries


  • Charge and use batteries in sets.
  • Charge batteries before using them the first time
  • Charge them any time.


  • Fully flatten them by leaving them on too long.
  • Leave them in the charger with the charger turned off.
  • Store them with without charging them.
  • Leave them trickle charging for extended periods, say over 48 hours.
  • Carry them in a pocket with keys.


Always leave the charger cover open as charging gives off heat.
If using a fast charger it must be suitable for NickelMetal Hydride ( NiMH )batteries.
Ecobatteries reccomends either the Maha MHC204W
or the Maha MH C401FS fast chargers.

Why do the batteries in my camera do not last ?

If one battery has a lower voltage than the others then it is faulty and will pull the others down. Replace it.
To test for this, when the batteries are discharged measure the individual batteries voltage with a voltmeter. Only place a voltmeter across a battery instantly and never use an ammeter.
As rechargeable batteries self discharge they must be charged before putting them into storage. If left in a charger that is turned off the batteries will discharge through the charger.

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